Scarborough asks Kamala Harris on a question condemned by Ted Kennedy’s presidential candidate, “Why should you become president?”

On “Morning Joe,” the co-host asked Harris why she wanted to be president-the same question that some historians refer to as the end of Kennedy’s unfortunate 1980s campaign for the White House.

Harris responded that the country is looking for vision and leadership.

“Because I believe that our country wants and needs an executive that provides a vision of the future of our country where everyone can see for themselves,” Harris told Scarborough.

“So let’s start with that and then think about what we need to do to talk to all the people in our country, to make sure we see them, to understand that we do not make any wrong decisions about how We must accept approaching public policies, “she added. “I am a prosecutor. I’ve focused my life almost on public safety. “

“We can do that and focus on issues that are needed to build a healthy economy,” Harris said.

A local Californian radio station reported this week that the Senator is planning to announce whether she will attend the presidential race on or about Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and Harris told CNN Jake Tapper this week that a run decision has been made be taken. ” soon.”

“We need to give more recognition to the Americans, and we need to understand that the American public and the people of our country are smart people who make decisions about who their leader will be, based on what they believe he is capable of is who they believe has a sincere desire to lead, represent, see, be a voice for them, even if they have no power, “Harris told CNN this week.

If she explains that, Harris, along with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren  (D), who announced her own investigative committee for president in early January , would  emerge as a possible front-runner in democratic pre-school.

It is expected that the primary democratic field is the most densely populated field in the history of the party. Several dozen hopefuls are said to have a run.

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