Poggenburg’s new party is called “departure German patriots”

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The former AFD country chief and parliamentary leader of Saxony-Anhalt, André Poggenburg , has left the AfD and has founded a new party. Meanwhile, there are first details about Poggenburg’s plans. The name of the new party is “Aufbruch deutscher Patrioten”. He wants to compete with her in the autumn in the state elections in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg.


But above all, the party’s sign causes a stir: it’s a cornflower, in front of it the black-red-gold flag. The cornflower was in the thirties, the distinguishing feature of the then banned National Socialists in Austria.

Poggenburg’s new party has apparently joined other disappointed AFD members. Egbert Ermer and Benjamin Przybylla, who previously belonged to the Saxon AfD, sit on the board of the new party. The SPIEGEL had quoted Ermer with the sentence : “The project party foundation starts today.” The plan was a “Central German movement”, with branches in, among others, Brandenburg and Saxony.

Despite the differences, he and his colleagues see the AFD “not as our political opponent” but as “allies,” Poggenburg told Die Welt. They wanted to complement the party “in central Germany”. A cooperation with the NPD, however, was “not planned at all”.

“AFD no longer my political home”

Poggenburg had previously stated that he had left the AfD because the party had broken election promises. That’s what he said to the “world”. Although he feels the AfD “and many of its members continue to somehow connected,” wrote Poggenburg in an e-mail to the head of the federal office of the party, Hans-Holger Malcomeß, which is the SPIEGEL. “Unfortunately, the development within the AfD in recent weeks and months has shown that this is no longer really my political home.”

Poggenburg criticizes a hysteria in the AfD, behind which is the fear of imminent observation by the constitutional protection. Most recently, Poggenburg had a healthy, peaceful and patriotic 2019 on the New Year’s Eve on Twitter “To the fellow citizens of our community a healthy, peaceful and patriotic! desired.

Last year, Poggenburg in a speech on political Ash Wednesday in Germany had lashed out living Turks sweeping as “carmer traders” and “camel drivers” who had “nothing to look for and nothing to report” in this country. In June 2017, the publication of internal chat logs from the Saxony-Anhalt regional association acted as a reprimand of the party executive: Poggenburg had used the slogan “Germany the Germans” in the chat and speculated on an “expansion of the external borders”.

AfD concludes its program for the European elections

On Wednesday Poggenburg had left open whether he remains in the AfD and the faction in Saxony-Anhalt. However, the former small business owner said: “If the logo and the thing you’ve started for is moving farther and farther apart, you’ll eventually have to decide whether to follow the logo or the thing.” Thus he fueled speculation about a party startup under his leadership.

After several controversial speeches, in which he also used vocabulary from the Nazi era, Poggenburg had resigned in March 2018 to internal pressure as party and faction leader in Saxony-Anhalt. Later he had disagreements with other leading members of the right-wing national wing in the AfD . Its most famous representative is the Thuringian state boss Björn Höcke .

AfD delegates will meet this Friday in Riesa, Saxony, to finalize their program for the European elections in May. In addition, right-wing populists want to elect more candidates. In November they had awarded the first 13 places. Its leading candidate is party leader Jörg Meuthen. He is so far the only AfD politician in the European Parliament.

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