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How to make a mobile charger

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In today’s inventions, inventors are controlled, and humans become electronic members. Instead of making life easier, our devices have taken our life into our world, but we can not do without it. If we think more of this We thank God for the grace of electricity in our lives, and that we can refresh the batteries with a dose of electricity so that we can reuse them.

Sometimes, things do not go the way they do. Sometimes they cut off electricity and sometimes we are in a place where there is no electricity. Until the bad luck is over, your battery is running out. What’s the solution? How can I make a backup truck that does not need electricity? I can reach you wherever you go. You can create your own mobile charging device for simple purposes.


How to Make a Charging Device


First I will remind you the tools you will need to make your mobile charger namely: 1. A nine-volt battery. 2. USB Car Charger. 3. Small wires. 4. Adhesive. 5. Small box (to collect ingredients and facilitate the carrying and maintenance).


The way

Now we will move on to practical steps to make the charger:

  • We remove the charger from its plastic frame until we get the electronic chip inside it.
  • You will notice that the chip consists of the USB input in addition to the spring and an additional wire. In some chargers, there is no spring. There are two wires, one red and the other black. The pulse is the positive pole and the wire is the negative pole. In the case of other chargers, the red wire is positive and the black wire is negative.
  • In the third step we connect the pulse with the positive electrode of the battery and the wire with the negative electrode of the battery, or in the second case we connect the red wire with the positive electrode of the battery, and the black wire with the negative pole of the battery using small wires.
  • To ensure that the device is functioning properly and in the desired manner, make sure that the small light on the charger is illuminated.
  • After doing all these steps and after making sure the validity of the device is arranged and paste into the small enclosure, taking care to open the exit of the USB.
  • All you have to do now is bring your phone and try it on the charger, which we can safely call the Hand Made Charger.

I also noticed that the process of making the charger is simple and easy, and now you will be able to go anywhere without worrying or afraid of running out of battery.