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Do lifting weights make women look less feminine?

I always ask if they include any weight training in their program, and the majority of women say no, or yes, but with light weights and high representatives. But why is this the case? Often women do not avoid the area of ​​weights because they are afraid that lifting the heavy weight will lead to a significant increase in muscle, and after all, they just want to have tone. It’s hard to find out where the idea of ​​”toning” came in. As in fact there is no such thing as either you build muscle or not.

The harmonious look that many women seek is achieved through weight training to build muscle underneath and then lose body fat on top through a well-organized nutrition program. Hours of heart and high heart disease, low weight training will only leave you frustrated with minor results. Most of my clients say they have avoided weight in the past for fear of becoming “big” or having muscles like men. While I’m sure we’ve all seen pictures of female bodybuilders, and I have great respect for the hard work and dedication they put into their passion, it’s impossible for a woman to look that way from a short period of weight training. If it’s so easy, why does not everyone look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Phil Heath?

While it is possible for a man to build muscle quickly and easily, this is not the case with women. But why this? All this comes to the hormones. Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for muscle building, and while a woman has some testosterone, there is no way near the male level. So it makes sense that they can build some muscle, but not as much or as fast as men.

What happens when women lift weights? They build muscle slowly which will help improve fitness. More muscular tissues in the legs make thighs and mutes more graceful, and more twisting arms can help fight bingo wings. Building muscular tissue in the shoulders and back will create the illusion of a smaller waist and helps create an hourglass breakage.

But what about body fat? While weight lifting will burn calories, the only way to lose body fat is to develop a calorie deficit, through a well-organized diet program, as mentioned in the previous blog “The Only Diet That Really Works”. If you decide you want to look more tone, and therefore really hard to lose fat, with a little muscle underneath, you end up with a skeleton. However, with some clearly defined muscles, this fitness will create a “Wonder Woman” toned.

So, in conclusion, women should lift weights as they will lead to many women’s fitness after building muscle “toned” and helps lose fat to get you the best shape.

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